Saiyed a finalist for 2021 TAC Sustainable Mobility Award

Head shot of Sabbir Saiyed
Dr. Sabbir Saiyed

Dr. Sabbir Saiyed will speak on June 29 at 1 p.m. EDT at a Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) webinar as one of six finalists for the 2021 TAC Sustainable Mobility Award.

His talk “Smart Freight Centre: Innovative Concept to Promote Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Goods Movement” will discuss the important and timely research, spearheaded by the Smart Freight Centre, to improve the sustainability of goods movement.

Dr. Saiyed is Manager of Transportation, System Planning, Region of Peel as well as Founding Board Member and Industry Liaison for the Smart Freight Centre.

The practical applications of this research will lead to significant environmental and health benefits.

A second webinar on July 8 will present the remaining three TAC finalists, including the other co-winner.

About the Transportation Association of Canada

The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a not-for-profit, national technical association that focusses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation.

About the 2021 TAC Sustainable Mobility Award

The 2021 TAC Sustainable Mobility Award recognizes a member organization for excellence in the delivery of mobility services.

In 2021, there were 14 applicants. Six were finalists, and two were co-winners. Full details of the award competition.