SFC research recognized by Nestlé Sustainability Award

Nestlé Canada & Nestlé Global Supply Chain Leadership recognized and awarded “Project True North Green: Logistics Sustainability Benchmarking”, as a leading sustainability project in Nestlé’s journey to Net Zero by 2050. Through collaboration with Nestlé Canada, McMaster University, Smart Freight Centre and NSERC, the cross-functional and interdisciplinary team was able to evaluate current sustainability practices, identify current research and industry best practices, and prioritize through LEAN ideation tools key projects that will support Nestlé Canada’s Logistics Sustainability roadmap.

Nestlé Canada team:

  • Matt Judd, Domestic Transportation Manager
  • Mark Wharton, Logistics Assets Manager
  • Dave Corcoran, Head of Logistics

McMaster team:

  • Christian Filippini
  • Dr. Elkafi Hassini
  • Heider Al Mashalah