The Smart Freight Centre is a centre of excellence for goods movement. Because goods movements span municipal boundaries in the GTHA, and because goods movement issues require innovative, interdisciplinary teams, as well as experts drawn from across municipal boundaries, the SFC is a collaborative network established by the Region of Peel, McMaster University, University of Toronto, and York University.

The SFC will conduct evidence-based research on regionally significant goods movement issues and projects in Peel Region and the GTHA and advocate for the coordination of transportation infrastructure, land development, regulations, technology tools and resources.

We require a safe and efficient network in order to move goods and deliver services to communities and businesses across the GTHA. The Smart Freight Centre aims to break down silos in addressing these shared concerns and to propose practical solutions and strategies to improve the quality of life and on-going economic vibrancy of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The Centre will evolve into a formal network between governments, academics, and industry that work on goods movement issues of regional significance. These will include issues that affect more than one municipality, cannot be addressed in isolation, and require long-term solutions.