Code Course University
EVNVSOCTY 4LP3 Transportation Geography McMaster University
ENVSOCTY 4LP3 Transport Policy McMaster University
SMRTTECH 4SC3 Smart Cities and Communities McMaster University
CVL 902 Traffic Operations and Management Ryerson University
CVL 910 Transportation Planning Ryerson University
CVL 316 Transportation Engineering Ryerson University
GMS 803 Principles of Transportation Ryerson University
GGR424H1   Transportation Geography and Planning University of Toronto
CIV1506H Freight Transportation and ITS Applications University of Toronto
CIV1532H Fundamentals of ITS and Traffic Management University of Toronto
CIV1538H Transportation Demand Analysis University of Toronto
CIV1540H Transportation: Urban Operations Research University of Toronto
SB/OMIS 6560.030 Supply Chain Management and E-commerce York University
GS/CIVL 6510 Advanced Transportation Engineering York University
GS/CIVL 6511 Intelligent Transportation Systems York University
GS/CIVL 6521 Road Safety Engineering York University
CIVL 3160 Transportation Engineering York University
CIVL 3260 Transportation Planning and Evaluation York University